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    Where to find the perfect Moissanite engagement Ring

    Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a challenge. You must have the perfect size, shape, color, and quality. It must have the perfect setting and the perfect material – Afterall your future spouse and love of your life might be allergic to certain metals. You might find something similar or close to what you are looking for, but it just isn’t quite the ring your spouse will fall in love with. We have arranged a list of the top three places to shop for moissanite engagement rings and wedding bands. Here is the list. 1. Charles & Colvard – Since moissanite stones are extremely rare, moissanite stones are almost…


    Best Polishing Tips for your Gold and Platinum Diamond Jewellery

    Everyone loves to put on the jewellery, but few look forward to that time when they have to clean them. You almost wish that your rings, earrings, studs, bracelets, and neckpieces could polish themselves. But no, part of owning and flaunting jewellery comes with the responsibility of caring for, maintaining, and cleaning them. It is prudent to visit your jeweller at least once a year, to get your jewellery professionally cleaned. But items like wedding rings, your favourite watch, and earrings, among other pieces that you put on daily, need cleaning more than once in a year. This is because they collect oils from your body, dust, and dirt from…

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    Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

    [pl_row] [pl_col col=12] [pl_text] Each and every zodiac sign has a gemstone attached to it that is considered by the majority to compliment the personality traits of that individual. However, the majority of the people tend to ignore the link between the two whereas some of them are so finicky that they just tend to wear the gemstone jewelry that suits their birth date and zodiac sign. Real gemstone jewelry is difficult to find as it quite expensive. Finding and mining gemstones take a lot of time and involve immense hard work and patience by the miners. People are aware of their birthstones but they are hardly aware of the…

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    Best Jewelry Gifts for Your Wife for Christmas?

    It’s a question millions of husbands ask themselves every year at this time.  Although many will struggle to find the perfect gift, many will fail. Scientific studies show that only 1.06% of wives are truly excited to get a new floor mop for Christmas. Gifts of slippers and bathrobes don’t rank much higher. Nano Jewelry has an answer for that centuries old question. Their unique collection of hand inscribed pendant necklaces allow the harried husband to find the perfect gift. They are perfect to two reasons.  The first is that they are beautiful. The second reason is that each piece is inscribed, in 24K gold, with heartfelt messages.  Floor mops…

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